the mama


Formerly a quasi-stay-at-home mom, part-time mediator, and adjunct lecturer.  Currently a professional talker/editor/advice giver, adjunct lecturer, sometimes blogger, and all-around piece of work.


Too. Darned. Much.


Teacher. Researcher. Furniture-fixer-upper. Mediator. Blogger. Teacher.

Rinse. Repeat.


You’ve got to be kidding.

Personal Interests

Writing about my kid. Running. Food. Reading. Food. Gardening. Yoga. And food.

59 thoughts on “the mama

    • Mike!

      They offer the TDM right here in I.C.I.A. Wait, did I say “offer?” They ENCOURAGE the TDM. And it only costs a medium-sized fortune. They wanted my first-born, but I told them she was off-limits.

      Hey, thanks for stopping by. You should tell Deb all the silly Kidling-isms that have come up since the last IPP holiday party. I hope you are all doing well. Cheers!

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  2. OMG I am chills-inspired laughing out loud, and as soon as I get done typing this note, am gonna follow you (but not in a creepy way). One of the things I love about your posts? They are HILARIOUS. Another? I can get through them in about 1/20 of the time it takes to read mine, because I like to hear myself talk. Or write. Or watch myself write. Or talk so much while I’m writing that it takes forever to get through what I write. Or something like that. I love the style, feel, content, everything about this blog. You rock!

    • Whee! Thanks, Stacie. You are a doll. But I knew that already. You are just bonus fab because you like my blog. And I’m glad you appreciate my little goofball. She’s pretty stinking hilarious, isn’t she?!

      Ooooh, a blogroll! Your blogroll. I am honored. Shall I compose an acceptance speech?

  3. And one more thing. I’d like to add you to my blogroll. It currently has an overwhelming number of blogs to get through. Four. But I’m picky. Or lazy. Or both.
    LMK if that’s cool with you. =)

  4. Not for me sista, but for Freshly Pressed? Yes. I think you’re next.

    Speaking of blogroll, do you have one on your site? It’s a great way to cross-promote and meet new, fun bloggers if you’re interested. Look for your URL to magically appear on mine by tomorrow. =)

    And yes, she is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. That banner picture is one of the funniest, cutest pics I’ve ever seen, including the 100,000 I have of my own kids. =)

    • Shucks. You are too kind. I’ll practice my speech-writing, just in case. I mean, seriously, how could that skill possibly go to waste? If not for Freshly Pressed, then for my Academy Award for keeping a straight face when The Kidling does hilarious and crass things at the dinner table. Yep. I’ll get right on it.

      And I actually hadn’t even considered a blogroll until your last comment. I thought, “Hmmm. A blogroll! Maybe I should have one of those.” (Yes, that really is how I think).

      Oh, and thanks for your kind words about my witty kitty. The banner crop really made an otherwise pretty decent photo positively amazing. If I do say so myself. Which, obviously, I did.

      Cheers, Stacie!

    • Thanks, Stacie! That is super-duper awesome. And I put you on mine without asking. Is that cool? If not, be sure to tell me how uncool it is on this page for everyone to see. It would go nicely with the “about me” theme, no?

      Also, bummer that my format puts the blogroll on the bottom of the page. Hmm. I wonder if I can change that…

  5. Dear Mama – I love your blog… and I love Alice (and the sweet little voice I made up for her in my head)! I could not help myself to read through every single post, sometimes crying a bit from all the laughter, other times having to hold the LOLs inside (cause I’m at word). Your little Alice is funny, and I can’t wait for my sweet girl to start chatting away… or can I? Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

    • Well didn’t you just make my day! Thanks, Beehive.

      I would love to hear the voice you made up for her… for that matter, everyone probably has a voice in their head when they read stuff like this, right? What I wouldn’t do to hear them all. The Kidling’s voice is actually pretty terrific. It is really low and kind of scratchy. She could be a jazz singer without having to take up smoking! Of course, she has a liberal sprinkling of the typical four-year old’s consonant substitution (yellow=lellow, etc). Combine that with her enormous (if I do say so myself) vocabulary, and you’ve got vocal gold. Sigh. I do freaking adore this little booger…


  6. OMWord! The voice I have in my head for Alice is the same as my Peter’s voice but a girl version…LOW AND SCRATCHY! He talks slowly with a huge vocabulary and all the older kids that know him think he has an accent. So funny that you said she talks like that. Cut from the same cloth I tell you!

    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award and you can find it in my post today at

    Love to stop by and see what you have going on. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and giving me something to aspire to.

    Abbie, All that makes you…

    • Abbie, that is wild! So few kids have that voice. All of Alice’s friends have squeaky little high voices. What a hoot!

      And thanks so much for the nomination. Thanks, even more, for reading and enjoying. It really is an honor.


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  8. You are fantastic. Strunk & White meets blogging with a great sense of humor and style.

    So glad to find you on Mimi’s post today about the Sunshine Award.

    I’m signed up.


    • Shucks. You made my day.

      Did you know, Lisa, that I have a beloved copy of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style that is illustrated by Maira Kalman? And that I fantasize about Maira Kalman some day illustrating an actual printed version of the book of alice? Well, I do and I do.


      • “Success is two-parts recognizing opportunity.”
        Somebody said that.
        It was me.

        I really do appreciate your blog. It makes me smile, laugh, and know that I’m not alone in the sometimes crazy-making trenches of raising a brilliant–if somewhat bizarre-daughter. Of course, your daughter is more on the brilliant side, less on the bizarre side 🙂

        • Ha ha ha ha ha. I agree our munchkins are cut from the same cloth. And Alice is super bizarre. There is one story I have been itching to tell, but it is raising alarms on my “she’ll-be-pissed-when-she-grows-up-o-meter.” Trust me: she is wacky!

  9. I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and I am now sharing the love with you… I think your blog is inspiring, well written and thoroughly worth reading, so I have nominated you for the award too: consider yourself a Very Inspiring Blogger! If you would like to accept the award, click on the following link to read the rules and the post in which you are listed:


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