the kidling


Daycare 2008-2012

Pre-School 2012-2013

Kindergarten 2013-present

Research Interests

Paleontology: Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous, specifically the plant-eating, crest-whistling Parasaurolophus and all meat-eating Theropods generally.

Equestrianism: Riding horses, petting horses, feeding horses. Riding horses…

Ecology: The predator/prey relationship and the manner in which prey protect themselves from specific predators.

Physiology: Naming, recalling, and discussing human genitalia in daily conversation.

Architecture: Blocks and marble tracks


See, infra.


The Mama Thinks I Am Amazing 99% of the Time Kid of the Year 2008, 2009, 2010, Nominee 2011

Pushing The Mama’s Buttons Award, 2012, Q1 and Q2

Community Involvement

Being awesome and spreading the love.

Stealing toys from babies. Hey, no one is perfect.

Personal Interests

Being hilarious. Also, muffins.

26 thoughts on “the kidling

    • Shucks. Aren’t you a dear?! Thank you.

      And I really can only take so much credit for the picture. I thought it was pretty cute before, but the WordPress banner crop made it kind of genius. Thanks for noticing…


  1. Thank you for hopping over to my blog.

    I noticed an interest in predator/prey relationships. We might have an overlap there (I harbour an intense interest in tigers). Palentology, ecology and architecture is an eclectic mix. Delighted to have connected through the goodness of Le Clown! I look forward to frequent revisits here.

    • Well, Le Clown appears to have very good taste, so I knew you would be worth checking out. Thanks for coming over! I’ll do my best not to disappoint.


  2. Can i nominate Alice for the ‘Other People Also Think I Am Awesome’ Award?
    P.S. The mama and papa should be commended on their good taste in naming Alice, they should in no way believe that the author is biased just because she shares the same name.

    • Um, you want to flatter me and my child? Yes, please. Can you come back tomorrow and do it again? 😉

      p.s. You are so lucky. Alice is the best damn name ever. I am jealous that you get to be a grown-up Alice…

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