things that go **drip** in the night

The Kidling, bless her heart, is way ahead of the curve on virtually everything. Gross motor skills, language acquisition, charming people’s socks off… the list really could go on and on. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that her list of positive attributes (a sense of humor, good hair…) includes easy toilet training.

That The Kidling is such a quick study is a beautiful and amazing thing; however, it has a downfall. I tend to be blindsided by backsliding. Because of The Kidling’s general pre-eminence and brilliance (and fabulosity and light and…), I forget that she will occasionally have incidents.

Or shall I say, accidents.

The Kidling went through a period a few weeks ago where, several times each week, she had accidents in the middle of the night. No surprise, really, except that it is. Add the 3 a.m. factor to the surprise factor, and The Mama can’t promise a lot in terms of her reaction.

My reaction. Who do I think I am, Bob Dole?

As I was saying. My 3 a.m. brain leaves a lot to be desired. This would be true of anyone, but it is especially true of a dripping wet child who wonders what the heck her mama, The Mama, is thinking. When The Kidling wet the bed one night, I started to get her out of her wet pajamas and moved on to stripping the urine-soaked bed. The Kidling, cold and wet, offered a swift rebuke, “Mo-om! Dry me off first! Persons are more importanter than beds!”

Oops. Stupid 3 a.m. brain…

just begging for the silent treatment

Oh, Alice.

The Kidling potty trained very easily. She still needs a pull-up at night, but hasn’t needed one at nap time for well over a year. That said, when she is really exhausted and napping soundly, accidents have been known to happen. Wednesday was one of those days. Alice woke up yelling, “help me!” When I got upstairs, she was soaked. Pee, pee, pee, pee, pee. Everywhere. Yuck. I helped her get into dry clothes, then I changed the sheets while Alice curled up in the rocking chair. She decided to finish her nap right there. She looked darned comfy (and cute. Have I mentioned that my kid is adorable?), so I had no objection.

When Alice eventually woke up, she told me, “I had two naps. When my first nap got wet, I switched to my other nap.”

Tee hee.

And yes, I know The Kidling will hate me for this one when she is 10, but sometimes I simply cannot help myself. Can someone please remind Future Me that the silent treatment I get is well-deserved?