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Overheard in Chicago

Alice: What happens if our car runs out of all its gas?

The Mama: We would walk to get some gas and bring it back to the car.

Alice: No. we would push the car.

The Mama: You think? It would take all three of us pushing.

Alice: Yes. And someone to pull. Peter. I assume Peter is the strongest one in our family. Then Dad will get out of the car and get us gas. We’ll say thanks to those two friends that helped.


Overheard in Chicago

About three-fourths through our car ride home, we made a pit stop to fill a gas tank, empty bladders, and buy more junk to eat. When The Mama went to pay for The Kidling’s treat, I found my wallet empty. We walked out to the car, buckled Alice into her car seat, and then she stayed with The Dada while I raided the coin holder and ran back inside to pay. While I was paying the clerk for Alice’s sugar-poison, the following exchange occurred:

Alice: Don’t move the car!

The Dada: Why?

Alice: I want my snack!

The Dada: So you care more about your snack than your mom?

Alice: (pause) Yeah.

fun can be found in the strangest places

Overheard in Chicago

“Is this the Amusement Park!?!”

No, dear one, it is not. It is, however, the World’s Largest Truckstop. Consider yourself inaugurated, kidling.

It might not be an amusment park, but it is an amusing place to park. Har Har Har.
photo credit: von Welker


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just call me…

Overheard in Chicago

“If you forget my whole name, then you can just call me Alice. If you forget my whole name you can call me Alice and if you just remember the ‘A,’ then you can call me Al.”


Overheard in Chicago

Alice: Dad, can I tell you something? If you want to save cars and toilet paper, then take one half of the car and toilet paper and then, when it runs out, use the other one.

The Dada: Which one? Cars or toilet paper? I’m confused.

Alice: Well, take half of the roll of toilet paper and the car, and, when one runs out, use the other one!

overheard in chicago

The Family just returned from a three-day jaunt to the Windy City. We don’t often take mini-vacations, because:

  1. We like our own mini-rooms, and need not pay a small fortune to borrow the mini-room of another. Which brings me to…
  2. The Family is cheap;
  3. We love Our Town; and
  4. Where do people find the time? Seriously.

The result of this little trip was more than a few soundbites that brought smiles to our faces and hearty laughter to our bellies. As such, I am declaring this overheard in chicago week on the book of alice.

I hope you enjoy.