Happy Christmanukkah

Jonathan Adler

This elephant menorah. This bad-ass, haute hanukkah, Jonathan Adler elephant menorah. Image at upinteriors.com.

The Kidling woke up Sunday morning and asked, “Have I ever seen a menorah?”

Good morning to you, too.

“Well, sure” I replied.

“Oh yeah! The elephant!” she exclaimed in her newly-awoken haze.

The same elephant menorah that Jonathan Adler describes as 8 days of swank. That’s right. Eight days. Swanky evidence to the right.

As The Kidling slowly roused from her slumber, her excitement mounted as she recounted details of the beautiful ceramic beast.  She inquired into the number of candles on its body and suggested an edit: “I would have made his trunk go down, instead of up.”

As much as she loved that precious pachyderm, she wasn’t getting a $128 elephant.

So I bought gelt for her advent calendar.

And she loved it.

Merry (belated) Hanukkah and Happy (early) Christmas!

my 4-year-old decor critic

We drove by a home this weekend with the ubiquitous pink plastic flamingo in the front yard. You know the one. Alice was, understandably, quite surprised by this.

Alice:  Why is the flamingo in the yard?

The Mama: I don’t know, Alice. Mom thinks they don’t belong in front yards.*

Alice: Yeah. Because yards don’t have ponds, and flamingos go in ponds. We know the truth about that. I think we know the truth about that.

We also, dear child, know the truth. Pink flamingos are soooooooo bad. Bad. b.a.d. Bad.**

* Don’t hate me if you love the pink flamingo in your front yard. I’m sure it is perfectly ironic. Or precisely kitsch. Or that it just works in your yard.

** Um, really. Don’t hate me if you love the pink flamingo in your front yard.

the LBD of awards*

I suppose I should say thank you. the book of alice was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by the wickedly funny author of Paltry Meanderings of a Taller Than Average Woman (try saying that three times fast). Which is lovely. And thoughtful. And retributive. You see, I bestowed the coveted 7×7 Award upon Cristy and six other fabulous bloggers a couple of weeks ago. And these lovely little awards do require a fair amount of work, particularly when your average blogpost takes four minutes to write. So here goes…

Rules, Rules, Rules…

  1. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post… not as cute as a picture of The Kidling, but fine.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog… here’s lookin’ at you, kid.
  3. Share 7 completely random pieces of information about myself… no dice. About The Kidling. No one wants to hear about The Mama.
  4. Include this set of rules in your post… because everyone loves rules.
  5. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award in this post… watch out, blogging world. You’ve got some work to do!
  6. Notify each of the nominees by posting a comment on each of their blogs… I’m cheating (thanks for the idea, Cristy). Email it is.

Super Random…

  1. Alice’s favorite color is “all of them.”
  2. The Kidling thinks The Mama is smelly. Because I am. After yoga, that is. When I get home she says, “Ick Mom! Get out of your stinky yoga clothes!”
  3. Alice has absolutely no conception of scarcity. She inhales artisanal sopressata at the same rate with which she consumes cheap summer sausage: very, very rapidly.
  4. The Kidling and The Dada have matching sweatshirts (don’t worry. They don’t leave the house in them. Duh). Whenever Alice sees her father in his, she suddenly declares: “I’m cold!” This, of course, is code for: I want to match Dad! Pretty stinkin’ cute.
  5. Alice is a guilty carnivore. Stay tuned for related posts.
  6. The Kidling is obsessed (obsessed) with genuine, New Orleans brass bands. Particularly, The Soul Rebels. And rightfully so. This is some serious, get-down funky music (they also happen to be the soundtrack to almost every dance party in our household).
  7. Alice is painfully cute. Seriously. Painful. But you knew that…

And the Nominees Are…

  1. The Tiny Sartorialist. Gorgeous. And tiny. Gorgeously tiny.
  2. , . Yes, that comma is the blog title. And it is gorgeous.
  3. Insatiable Booksluts. Love, love, love this book review blog.
  4. Haute off the Press. Law + fashion = fabulous.
  5. Trinkets and Treasures. Pretty, pretty things.
  6. AJ Rokin. This lawyer-turned-writer procrastinates in blog form. Surely you’ve never done that…
  7. Jimmie Chew. Have you ever wondered about animal stars? This blog is seriously genius.
  8. Bohemian Babies. Someone has to keep track of all the fabulous kiddo-design, right?! And she does it so well.
  9. Jennie Ingham. If, like me, you have a separate board on Pinterest for textiles, you should check out this blog. Swoon.
  10. Shoes on the Wrong Feet. I just really like this blog about life and the little things.

Whew! Done. Cheers!

* Get it? Little black dress? Versatile? Sigh. I try…