the view from here

All Hallows’ Eve. 8:30 pm. The Parents wait patiently in The Kidling’s room while she prepares to scrub every last milligram of sugar from her pearly whites. Silence. Then,

“Uh oh! It exploded!” she said.

“No big deal, Sweetie,” The Mama calmly responded.

“It might be when you get in here…” 


As with all things, the magnitude depends on the perspective.

commentary on the food The Kidling wishes she was eating

“Recent Peanut Butter Cups are really good!”

-The Kidling
October 5, 2013

way back when…

The Kidling has taken a keen dislike for blueberries. Once her favorite fruit, she now specifically requests her yogurt sans those tasty little morsels of berry goodness. The Dada commented on the transformation, telling Alice, “You used to gobble blueberries down like candy!” Without missing a beat, The Kidling replied, “Now I don’t! Now I gobble candy down!”

And she’s right. Sigh.


Overheard in Chicago

About three-fourths through our car ride home, we made a pit stop to fill a gas tank, empty bladders, and buy more junk to eat. When The Mama went to pay for The Kidling’s treat, I found my wallet empty. We walked out to the car, buckled Alice into her car seat, and then she stayed with The Dada while I raided the coin holder and ran back inside to pay. While I was paying the clerk for Alice’s sugar-poison, the following exchange occurred:

Alice: Don’t move the car!

The Dada: Why?

Alice: I want my snack!

The Dada: So you care more about your snack than your mom?

Alice: (pause) Yeah.

mile o’ musings

Actually, it was more like three miles of musings, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it now, does it?

Like most weekends, we spent Saturday morning running errands. I drag the poor, tortured Kidling along on my jaunts about town while her father does the laundry or undertakes a random house project or two.

Yes, I know how lucky I am.

On this rainy morning in the span of just a few miles, Alice produced. When we reached our exit, I found myself without my trusty notebook and frantically dug through my handbag for something made of paper. Then I wrote like a damn fool. Below I present the product of this mile o’ musings. In order, to emphasize the randomness of it all.

“I’ll never run away from you in the woods.”

“My skin feels like it needs some candy.”

“I don’t like real pigs. They’re too messy. They’re too sloppy, so that’s why I don’t like real pigs. I’m not going to invite them to my birthday. If they would eat my cake, then all it would be would be crumbs with frosting on top. So, that’s why I’m not going to invite them to my birthday. If I see one, I’m not even going to say ‘hi,’ because then it might want to come in. I’ll check the windows and Dad will check the doors. I’ll check the windows and Dad will check the doors so the pigs don’t come in”


(whispers) Alice Munchkin Kid-LING. Alice Munchkin Kid-LING. Alice Munchkin Kid-LING.”

I’ve said it before and I will say it many, many more times. I would do just about anything to know what happens in that little kidling head of hers.


Last night before dinner, The Family went for a run. Well, my husband and I ran and Alice sat back and snacked. Close enough.

When Alice got ready to start her snack, she realized she had gum in her mouth. “Here, Mom. Take it,” she demanded. Like any good mother, I complied… then I popped it into my mouth.

What? Was I supposed to toss it in one of my neighbors’ yards? On the sidewalk? I thought not.

Alice was in no way surprised by my solution. In fact, she seemed delighted to share her joy.

“Isn’t it yummy?” she asked. “It sweets up my mouth!”

Mine too.