TBoTK, version 3.0: vagenealogy

The Mama… Kindergarten… Anxiety… The Best of The Kidling…



After a glorious Sunday morning at the park and afternoon at the pool, The Family relaxed after dinner by watching Olympic Track and Field Trials while eating Ben & Jerry’s straight from the carton. It was a beautiful day, made perfect by this unexpected inquiry:

Alice: Mom and Dad, how’d you get here? (an “oh shit” look passes between The Mama and The Dada) I mean, who got you out of her vagina? (looks pointedly at The Mama)

The Mama: Grandma

Alice: And Dad? Who— Who got you out of her vagina? (The Mama exits the room in a spasm of failed giggle containment)

The Dada: You know.

Alice: Oh yeah. Nana. (looks around) Where’d Mom go?

The Dada: She went to the next room.

Alice: (greedy fingers grip the Ben & Jerry’s) Now it’s all mines.

If there is a pithy conclusion to this interaction, then I don’t have it. All I can say is, my life might now be complete. Holy crap, Alice. I love the shit out of you.