anatomically (in)correct

“Boys have buttcracks. Girls have butts.”

– The Kidling
August 20, 2014


the human nerds system

Bedtime. The Kidling and The Mama talk human anatomy. The topic of the evening is the spine.

The Kidling: Nerds connect to the spine with little pieces of bone.
The Mama: They are actually called “nerves.” Not “Nerds,” like the candy.
The Kidling: Oh.

Also? Pretty sure this is wrong, but I am altogether too lazy to google it.


The Kidling loves to do that thing where she holds your hands, climbs up your legs, and flips over.*

So, we were doing that thing where she holds my hands, climbs up my legs, and flips over when suddenly she stopped. Turning to The Dada, Alice kindly told him, “I don’t want to do that with you, because you have that. (points in the general vicinity of his penis. Notice that she didn’t actually say the word “penis”? This is why.)

Now, The Kidling can be described using any number of glowing adjectives. Brilliant. Funny. Gorgeous. Fast. Clever. Talented. Kind. Fabulous. Freaking amazing.

But careful? Empathetic? These are new. And for that, The Dada is grateful.


* I’m fairly certain her affinity for doing that thing where she holds your hands, climbs up your legs, and flips over places her in a category that includes every other juvenile Homo sapiens who has ever dwelled on this planet.


anatomy 101

“What’s a boy kind of vagina called?”

-The Kidling

October 9, 2012