questions I am not even remotely a little bit sort of close to being kind of ready to answer

“How do I make sure I don’t have a baby?”

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10 thoughts on “questions I am not even remotely a little bit sort of close to being kind of ready to answer

    • That would have been a good response. Instead, Lori, I told her that the eggs in her body would be staying in her ovaries for the next 5-7 years, so she needn’t worry about it for now. I promised more details as the time comes.

      • My son is only 4, and he recently started asking for a sibling, which won’t be happening. I tried to do the nice mommy thing and tell him I would get him a real, live,…doll. He adamantly refused because she wasn’t “really real.” So I opted for honesty, and told him that I wasn’t having anymore babies, and that it is really a mommy/daddy decision. It pacified him for now. Sometimes, being a parent means awkwardly honest answers, no? Oh to be a mom…

        • Good for you. My rule of thumb is that if The Kidling is asking, she deserves some piece of truth. Not always all of it, but the part that she will be able to mull and understand. We have so many awkwardly honest answers, and they mean that we are working to overcome the social stigmas and boundaries that we have come to accept for the sake of our children so that they might not feel the need to do the same. It is a beautiful, if awkward, process.

  1. When we found out we were having a girl. I smiled at my husband and said good luck 🙂 He was brought up in a house full of boys so never got to experience the joys of pre-teen and teen girls. Now that i’m a mum I feel so sorry for my own mother! I have no idea how I am going to approach these questions when they come up!

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