work ethic

The Family has been struggling to figure out how to work this whole school work thing into our evening routine.

What? Kindergarten is hard.

Last night, The Dada and I worked out a new course of action. As soon as we get home at the end of the day, the plan shall be:

Discovery activity. Yes, this is homework.
Explore activity. Yes, this is a bribe.

Tonight we tried this for the first time and it was flawless. Positively flawless. After snack, The Kidling wrote two thank you notes for writing practice and it only took two eons. The bribe exploration activity was a fabulous incentive. After watching a wolf documentary (What? It is a school night. We couldn’t get too crazy), we had dinner and moved along with the bedtime routine.

It worked! It really freaking worked!

After a drama free bedtime, The Kidling and I snuggled up in her bed. We chatted a bit and I commented on how pleased I was with the productive and fun evening: writing, wolves, dinner…

The Mama: I’m proud of you, Kidling. Your hard work is really starting to pay off!
The Kidling: (matter-of-factly) You’re forcing me too.
The Mama: Yes I am. It’s my job.

And tonight, I did it well.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

14 thoughts on “work ethic

  1. Great post… I hope we can get on top of the homework thing too. I have a kindergartener and a second grader, and it just kills me to interup their projects and play of their own invention with math drills or some worksheet. (I’m anti homework, can you tell?) But I don’t want to handicap them with my own feelings about homework. It’s just hard to rally my boy’s enthusiasm for it when I have none!

    • Homework is hard! It just doesn’t fit neatly into our schedule. The Dada and I both work outside of our home, but after my brief stint as a SAHM, I’m confident I would feel the same regardless.

      Parenting. Is. Hard.


  2. as a kindergarten teacher, i applaud you. it’s really important to find a routine, (whatever that may look like for your family), and it will make the whole night, and next day, so much easier for everyone. in a way, it makes it easier for the child too, they become secure in knowing what will happen and what’s expected and how the day will end. one less thing to worry about. i love the comment from your son. ) beth

    • Oh, thanks, Beth! We work so hard, and it just isn’t ever easy. We are fortunate The Kidling (who is a daughter, by the way) has an amazing Kindergarten teacher. I think I’ve told you before that we think a great first teacher is a gift. I’m sure you fall squarely into that category, Beth.

  3. It took us forever to nail down a routine. Turned out, that with my daughter’s love of science, we had to made homework time coincide with me cooking dinner time. Normally, by the time she’d finish with her math or English work, I’d still be cooking and she’d be able to come into the kitchen for some spur of the moment science lesson. It was the perfect incentive, and the kitchen, at her age (and even at mine), is the best place for little science moments.

    Last night I cooked bacon. We discussed solids and liquids, and how heat can change them. In other words, I got splattered by grease, she laughed, and then I explained while running my burnt fingers under some water.

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