don’t inhale the concoction

Sometimes, The Mama can be a little indulgent.

No comment, The Dada. It’s my blog and I can understate if I want to.

I like to think that letting The Kidling do what she wants every now and then–even when her request is unorthodox–is  good for her creativity. And, fine, I get tired of saying “no” all of the freaking time. So when The Kidling asked for a bowl for her pine needles the other day so she could “make truffle oil,” I complied. No harm done, and I drew the line at wet ingredients.

See!? I set boundaries. So there.

As The Kidling sprinkled and stirred, she requested additional ingredients. I chose spices that met one of two conditions, 1) they were white, or 2) they wouldn’t stain. Salt, cream of tartar, coriander, pepper… Just as I was running out of ingredients that fit my criteria, The Kidling declared her truffle oil complete. I asked how it turned out, and she told me, “It smells marvelous, but it doesn’t feel marvelous if it gets up your nose.”

Remember that the next time you have the cinnamon nearby.

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16 thoughts on “don’t inhale the concoction

    • I made the mistake of using truffle oil to get her to eat potatoes. Okay, that’s not exactly true. The last time I was in DC, I had the most amazing truffled parmesan french fries. I had a craving for them, so I got truffle oil. And it did, in fact, get The Kidling to eat potatoes, which she has otherwise scoffed at her entire child life. But now… Well… She loves it.

      And yes, her palate is quite sophisticated if you don’t count ketchup, hotdogs, and all three vegetables she is willing to eat.

  1. My kids also love to experiment, and smell things. I will have to keep the cinnamon in mind. I have to add that it’s not a great idea to take a great big whiff of cayenne.. Yup – been there done that. If you haven’t had the pleasure please take my recommendation of never ever doing it… However it will keep the deer away from a hydrangea 😉

  2. I love it when I discover moms who don’t take themselves so seriously AND have a kid with strange tendencies and weird food choices. And personally, if my boundaries weren’t a little squiggly (rather than clear cut lines) life would be much less fun, creative, and interesting. And that’s why my house is literally stained with glitter.

    • Strange? Why, I have no idea what you are referring to! 😉 Really, though, I think The Kidling is just clever and curious. And boundaries are meant to be stretched. Your munchkins will thank you for it.


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