that damn red ball

The Kidling had a nasty fever yesterday, so I got to stay home with her. Those days are always part selfish joy (snuggle time!) part heart-wrenching empathy (poor, fire-headed kidling). I may be a snuggle opportunist, but even the most selfish mama knows to feel bad for her miserable, aching offspring. Nevertheless, I cannot help but enjoy an unexpected day with my girl.

After an afternoon of minimal complaining, I was starting to think she was feeling better.

Damn optimist.

She mentioned that her head felt “strange,” but that it neither hurt nor was she dizzy. All good signs, right?  (See note above regarding damning the optimist)

At bedtime, the fever, cough, and headache were back with a vengeance. As I gave Alice her final hug and kiss (and smooch, mooch, nooch, crooch, and clooch. Don’t ask.), she started telling me about how she thinks about her headaches:

Alice: It is like a red ball–

The Mama: (interrupts) Your head is a red ball?

Alice: No, the headaches are a red ball that is in my head. Like a bouncy ball–

The Mama: (interrupts) Ohhhhh!

Alice: (reassuringly) –but it isn’t bouncing. It’s. Red on the outside. With tons of headaches inside.

I think there might be another snuggle day Wednesday.


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