The Kidling went cold turkey on napping about eight months ago.

It must have been peer pressure. They say pre-school is a bitch these days.

Since she gave up the mid-day snooze so long ago, we are prepared for the worst on those rare occasions when she actually does fall asleep: crabbiness, insomnia at bedtime, and just general unders-in-a-bunchedness.

But that didn’t happen Sunday. On this fine day, The Kidling asked to go to the playground around 5:00 pm. Since The Dada and The Mama accidentally skipped lunch (How? Hell if I know. But it happened), I told her no. It was too close to dinner, I told her, but we might go after. Pouting ensued. In an attempt to remedy the injustice, I offered to put on some music so she could have a dance party while I made dinner.

Yes, I am the best mom ever.

But The Kidling declined. I could barely hide my shock when she asked instead for “some quiet music.” I obliged, then headed to the kitchen to remedy the empty belly situation (otherwise known as “make dinner”). At one point I shouted into the living room something about going upstairs to get a book, to which, The Kidling replied, “No, I’d rather blah blah blah.” *

That sounded like a reasoned explanation, so I resumed chopping. Shortly thereafter, The Dada got home from his run and went into the living room to discover The Kidling sound asleep in a fort she had made in the chair. He attempted to wake her for dinner, but she was not to be roused from her slumber

So we ate alone while The Kidling got her brilliant sleep. ** Finally, much later, The Kidling stirred. She awoke a little out of sorts, so I decided to go to the park before we fed her dinner.

See? Best mom ever.

The evening progressed without incident. Park, dinner, then bedtime. The Kidling happily did all of the usual bedtime stuff, then climbed into bed and went to sleep.


About an hour later, she stumbled out of her bedroom, bleary-eyed, and asked me to please make her bed. Her blanket and sheets had gotten quite tangled, and in her fatigue, she was unable to fix it herself. Or so she said. A pretty small deal, though, so I went ahead and fixed things up. Because she had three glasses of water at dinner time, so dangerously close to bedtime (bad idea),  I asked her to please use the toilet while I straightened her tangled sheets.

I finished, then went into the bathroom to ensure The Kidling was doing what she had been asked to do. In yet another example of The Kidling surprising the hell out of me, she was, in fact, finishing up on the toilet and heading over to wash her hands. whilst making bubbles and suppressing a yawn, she turned to me and asked, “So, you guys doing anything fun downstairs?”

We weren’t. I told her as much, and she shuffled back into bed.

Perhaps we could get used to these little nap things again.


* What?! I can’t catch every word out of her perfect Kidling mouth now, can I?

** Like beauty sleep, but better.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

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