my special… eyeball?

Kids form attachments to strange things. Even The Kidling.

Especially The Kidling.

The Family decided to be one of “those houses” on Halloween and not give out candy. Before you pass judgment, we gave out toys instead (sheesh, did you think we were jerks? surely you know better than that by now). Vampire teeth, ghost erasers, bouncy eyeballs… things from the dollar section at the front of Target (damn them). I figure junk for their homes is better than junk for their bodies?


I did not, however, realize how important said junk might be. Which was foolhardy, because, well… duh. Kids love their stuff. Even their worthless penny toys. Especially their creepy, blood-shot eyeballs.

Well, apparently Alice misplaced said creepy, blood-shot eyeball. It would have been a very sad day indeed, but the crisis was averted. Digging through her cauldron, she spotted the missing treasure:

“Hey! There’s my eyeball! I’ve been looking all over for my special eyeball! Whew! I was so scared. (switches to faux sweet voice) I thought I lost my special eyeball but now my special eyeball is found.”

And thank god for that. Whatever would we do without that nasty, creepy little eyeball in our home?

I think next year, we’ll buy candy again.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

24 thoughts on “my special… eyeball?

  1. My eldest had a pickle fetish for a while. Seriously. He’d fall asleep clutching a pickle. Not the same pickle, mind you, because that would have been gross, but still. I love Alice and your stories. They make me feel less weird. xoxo

  2. Perfect timing, and very well-put! I’m procrastinating doing hard time in The Boy’s room today… We have seen Toy Story wayyyy too many times. Wonder how many special eyeballs are in his closet? Wish me luck?

      • I did embark; procrastinating finishing though… So far, 4 billion plastic dinosaurs, 2 million pages of stories, drawings and books he’s written (guess I won’t need a maternity test on that kid, either), and every character from Thomas and Toy Story,

  3. Great little story regarding this: I hate McDonald’s toys (well, essentially any toys bought for less than $5). I have collected all of them and put them in a bag at the top of my 5 year-old son’s closet. The other day he found them. He complained loudly about me hiding his toys. I told him they were ‘crap toys’ and that I was going to throw them away Fast forward a week. We go to our neighbors house for dinner and my son tells her “My mom is going to throw away the crap toys you gave us at your niece’s birthday party.” Forehead slap.

  4. Ooh! Special eyeballs! Too bad we can’t hand out homemade creations anymore! I know some special eyeballs recipes in the form of cake pops and Oreo truffles that I think The Kidling would get a kick out of! Of course, I don’t think you’d be too pleased with me… ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Seriously, our children are kindred spirits.

    I’ve begun trying to channel their love of stuff. we particularly like to collect stuff from nature: crayfish shells, rocks, sticks, feathers, nests, bones etc. I’ve set up two shelves in my sons room for his nature displays. If it fits on the shelf, he can keep it. I’ve also hung to cables with clips in his room. He hangs up school photos, newspaper clippings, cards, art, and plain old junk.

    Both kids collect lots of stuff still, but I’m less crazy about it now. At least it’s one thing I’m a little less crazy about.

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