giving thanks

Late last week, The Kidling asked for more details about Thanksgiving. Typical questions regarding the giving of thanks, the cause for celebration, and no mention of genocide made for an atypically easy answer to her question.


I know what you’re thinking, smug dear readers.

“Not so fast, Christine,” you are silently urging your computer/ipad/smart phone screens. “Nothing is ever as it seems with The Kidling. Haven’t you learned anything by being her mother for the last four and three-quarters years?”

The answer, dear readers, is no.

As my conversation with Alice regarding Thanksgiving came to a close, she changed the topic to food. That’s safe, right? Right!?!

Have you met my child?

When the menu discussion turned to turkey, Alice offered, “Whenever you feel like eating a turkey that’s already dead, let’s make it!”

Such enthusiasm. For carrion.

So much for my guilty omnivore.



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