presidential politics and prehistory

It is election day, U.S. readers! Regardless of the candidate for whom you intend to cast you ballot, get your bum to your polling place if you haven’t already.*

In honor of election day, I offer the transcript from our accidental Monday morning civics lesson:

The Mama: Do you know what day tomorrow is?

Alice: Saturday!? (do you sense a theme, here?)

The Mama: No, it is Tuesday, but it’s a special Tuesday. Tomorrow is election day! Do you know what that means?

Alice: (smiles excitedly) You get to fill in your ballot!

The Mama: That’s right. We get to choose our president.

Alice: I’m cheering for Barack Obama. Because. I don’t want to be selfish.**

The Mama: Yes, we like to share.

Alice: (pauses) Too bad that nice one died.

The Mama: Abraham Lincoln? (Alice nods) Yes, he died a very long time ago.

Alice: I’m sad I didn’t get to meet him.

The Mama: I understand. We didn’t meet him, either. He lived a long time ago.

Alice: Before people?

The Mama: No, not before people, but long before your mom and dad were born.

And this is where we went on to more typical fodder. Admonishments to eat her breakfast and the like. Nothing else exciting to report here, so what are you waiting for? Put on your shoes and vote.


* Though let’s be serious: pick the right guy.

** This, dear readers, is a reference to the Occupy Movement. Earlier this year, The Mama struggled to succinctly explain the movement’s mission and purpose, and boiled the protest down to sharing. Now Alice associates everything I believe in with things that need not be protested. Indoctrination? The instilling of values? Absent the nuance, we’ll say 6 of one, a half-dozen of the other.

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3 thoughts on “presidential politics and prehistory

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    • Me too. 🙂 And he would surely love that my dear child was cheering for Obama and has never once asked about the relative hue of his skin, or any other person’s skin. This from the child who points out all sorts of awkward things that make The Mama think very, very (very) quickly for the right and honest response. It warms my heart.

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