my girlfriend*

One of The Kidling’s favorite teacher’s aides at her pre-school is a woman named Rene. Rene is pretty fabulous, so I can’t say I blame The Kidling for adoring her. Apparently she and Rene talked politics yesterday.

That’s my girl.

We headed out to a delicious taquería last night and on our way in, The Kidling told us a story. You see, she is rather keen on the idea of cheering for a team. Whenever a game of sportsball is on the television, she will ask for whom she is to cheer. She also always cheers against the red team. Once upon a time her beloved home town college team was playing against a nemesis swathed in red. Ever since then, red has been a trigger for jeering. Except for the Cardinals, which she refers to as “The St. Louis Robins.”

I digress. The main points of the above paragraphs? The Kidling, Rene the teacher’s aide, politics, cheering. Got it?

As we headed in for some tasty tacos, The Parents were told, “My girlfriend Rene is cheering for Barack Obama, too! Rene— My girlfriend Rene is cheering for Barack Obama. I’m sure somebody else is cheering for Barack Obama. I’m sure a few other people are cheering for Barack Obama.”

I’m thinking many millions, but whatever. Also? Rene has probably never had a girlfriend quite like The Kidling.


Oh, blog-cation schmog-cation! I clearly cannot sustain a five-day break.

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