contingency planning

Overheard in Chicago

Alice: What happens if our car runs out of all its gas?

The Mama: We would walk to get some gas and bring it back to the car.

Alice: No. we would push the car.

The Mama: You think? It would take all three of us pushing.

Alice: Yes. And someone to pull. Peter. I assume Peter is the strongest one in our family. Then Dad will get out of the car and get us gas. We’ll say thanks to those two friends that helped.

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8 thoughts on “contingency planning

    • Not a real person. 🙂 She actually said the name of my oldest brother, whose name begins with the letter “P.” Alice and I are the only people who actually get named on this blog. Everyone else gets a pseudonym or a title.


  1. So glad she is confident that you and Peter and Dada would pull through. My sweet girl gets pretty anxious about running out of gas! She’s constantly telling me the gas is empty. I think she’s looking at the temperature gauge. This morning the tank WAS on empty, but we made it to school and then I made it to the gas station. I didn’t feel like filling it up yesterday afternoon–I can’t imagine why, when it costs over $60 each time–and knew there would be enough gas for our morning trips and then the gas station. But my husband used the van last night, and that took up the last trip’s worth that was there. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that someone has left on Empty is one of my biggest pet peeves. It makes me feel so anxious and… abandoned. Let down. Hmmm. That’s probably why my daughter is so anxious about it. I’ll have to discuss our plan with her. Maybe I’ll read her this post after school!

    • Yes! Read it to her! Perhaps knowing a four-year-old child can plan for this particular problem will give her confidence in her ability to manage the situation should it ever arise.

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