on produce

Whilst chosing the optimal banana, Alice dictated her preference for me to execute:

“I want the one that’s ripener!”

Can’t really argue with that. What’s that? You say this ought to be in The Dictionary?



Rip-en-er: adj. Mature, as in produce. Comparative of ripe.

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6 thoughts on “on produce

  1. I started blogging recently myself and as a mommy blogger I am especially curious about what other mothers have to say. I love your idea, design and layout. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. My sweet Carter LOVES banana bread but he know I won’t make it unless I have several very ripener bananas. He begs for large bunches of bananas when we are shopping and then refuses to eat them once they are home, allowing them to become ripener. 🙂 True story.

    • That is brilliant. That Carter is a smart little man. I, on the other hand, buy bananas to eat fresh, but never finish them and end up making banana bread anyway. They are just too ripener to eat!

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