the sweet morning musing?

If you read this morning’s post, you might be wondering what caused that morning’s first giggle. Those sweet, honest words, plainly spoken, without a hint of malice:

“I’m going to turn my head this way so I don’t have to smell your stinky breath.”

I love my life.

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30 thoughts on “the sweet morning musing?

  1. Well…that is far nicer than we get. In the morning E says indignantly, “YOU”RE BREATH IS STINKY!!! BRUSH YOUR TEETH!”

    • Adorable.

      Alice often tells me, “Mom, your breath smells horrid!” I can’t really get upset, because I do have truly awful morning breath.

    • It is purity. Don’t you think? Alice is far (far) from perfect, but she is freaking amazing. I find that the thing that so consistently baffles me is the fresh, clean way with which she views the world. It is honest and unadultered. At four, she is slowly showing external influences, and even the innocuous ones shock and sadden me a bit, for I know that her innocent, pure mind is learning the power of others’ opinions and preferences.

      • ARG! I’m SO SO SOOOOO not ready for Zofia to be influenced by anyone outside our little circle. I love that all the little nuggets they come up with now are their own little brains processing stuff. THREE CHEERS FOR OUR (so so so not) PERFECT KIDS!

        • I hear you. I knew it was going to happen, yet it still surprises me whenever something comes out of her mouth with an identifiably foreign source. Case in point: pink. I was informed the other day that it is a “girl color.” I told her I had no idea about girl colors. She proceeded to tell me about the colors most suitable for boys vs. girls. I was, conveniently, wearing a “boy” color and pointed out that fact. Apparently I am exempt from the rules due to my grown-up status.

          I have so much to learn…

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