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Smart as my wee child is, ordinal numbers are something of a challenge. Given that there appears to be neither rhyme nor reason, I can’t say I blame her.

So when we got doughnuts Sunday morning, Alice had a rather charming way of keeping track of the fair allocation of our nasty little delicious confections. While we ate, she counted, inquiring first how many The Mama had had (answer: one), followed by a line of questioning on The Dada’s consumption. When he informed her he was on doughnut number two, she clarified through repetition:

“So that’s your two-ith doughnut?”

I sort of hope she never learns those pesky ordinals.


Hey, do you remember The Dictionary? Yeah, me neither. But I think we have our first entry in a very, very long time:

Two-ith: adjective. Immediately following the first. An ordinal number for two. Syn. second.


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