due process

The Kidling is interested in many things. Dinosaurs, the solar system, cake… her interests know no bounds. In addition to those rather expected fascinations, Alice is obsessed by bad guys. Not to be confused with bad boys, whom I hope never capture her fancy. In The Kidling’s mind, “bad guys” are a narrow category consisting of burglars and selfish people. A bit simple, but you can’t argue with her accuracy now, can you?

So it was nothing new when we were headed to get doughnuts Sunday morning and she began jabbering on about those rascally bad guys. Again.  This time the topic was fear, and the people who typically inspire terror in her little kidling heart.

“I’m not scared of any helping people. I’m just scared of bad guys.”

Which makes sense. I’m a bit scared of bad guys myself. But then she continues, pontificating on precisely what ought be done to said bad guys.

“Maybe our niceness can turn them to good.* And if not we’ll take them to jail— no— we’ll take them to the police and the police will take them to the judge and the judge will decide what to do with them.”

Someone knows too many attorneys.


* Surprise! She takes after her optimistic, if naïve, mother. There are worse things.


About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

14 thoughts on “due process

  1. Well good for her!! After clicking one’s heels three times and repeating “My niceness will turn you good”, she has the good sense to let the judicial process take over. 🙂

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    • Holy crap, Kelly! Yikes. I’m damn glad she is nicer. I really don’t want to be interviewed by the nightly news,

      “She was such a nice girl. She kept to herself, but I had no idea she would impale the bad guys and throw them in a pit. This is such a shock to us. Our family asks that you respect our privacy in this difficult time.”

        • The jury’s forewoman granted an interview, saying, “That face. She looks so sweet, we were certain she was wrongly accused. But the evidence was overwhelming. The crime did fit so we couldn’t acquit.”

          Both hilarious and positively terrifying.

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