party clothes

Alice’s dearest friend to whom she is not related (don’t worry The Kidd-o. Family first.) had a birthday party this weekend. She just turned four years old, and we had some celebrating to do! As we changed clothes for the party, I asked for some input:

The Mama: Alice, do you have anything in particular you want to wear to the party?

Alice: No. I don’t even care. (pause) All I care is I wear something!

A request I can indulge while simultaneously ensuring The Kidling doesn’t make her first appearance on the police blotter for public nudity? Consider it done.

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9 thoughts on “party clothes

  1. I am glad she wished to be clothed. 🙂 My boys, had the police not had other more important things to be bothered with, would have already been sited for public nudity, public urination, and disturbing the peace just to name a few.

      • Lol..I wasn’t talking about her disinhibition when with her mama, but her recognition that clothes are in order when going out to a party. One of my kids never saw that logic and would literally run away, bare butt followed by adamant mom, demanding nudity!

        • I know you weren’t. It just made me laugh to type that again. 🙂

          I adore the visual image of young mama Mimi yelling while running after a little naked toddler. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

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