How do you decide when you are full? Beyond the objective measure of the actual quantity of food I know I have prepared, placed on my plate, and consumed, I have a general sense of contentment. Not too hungry. Not too full. Just right. Alice apparently has much the same mechanism.

But hers talks.

“Can I be done now? My tummy is saying ‘(switches to a squeaky voice) no more food!’ so that means I’m probably full.”


About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

9 thoughts on “satiety

  1. Lori is right – and how’d she know that that is EXACTLY what a tummy’s voice would sound like? Maybe that’s why I’m doing Jenny Craig – I don’t hear mine..

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