questions, answers, and silence

I would like to think that I know the answers to all Alice’s wonderings, but I don’t. I don’t really even come close. Thank god for The Google. And sometimes even when I do know the answer, I don’t explain because I am too tired/too crabby/talking to someone else who she has rudely interrupted/in the middle of making dinner and she has asked 37 questions already and I just want it to be quiet for one minute. ONE MINUTE.

Sorry.  All better now.

Here are a few from the last week or so that have left The Mama flabbergasted:

Alice: Mom? Why is that on smoke?



Alice: Mom? How do they get salt out of the sea?



Alice: Mom? Why is milk colder?* Because it comes from cows and cows are warmer.



* Than water. See, we drink tap water and don’t use ice cubes. When The Kidling is really hot and I offer her milk or water, she will often ask which is colder. Last night she decided that didn’t make any sense. And, in the interest of candor, dear readers, I did eventually answer this one. The silence only lasted a moment before I stepped into response mode. But that doesn’t look as funny now, does it?

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18 thoughts on “questions, answers, and silence

  1. I am truly fascinated by the way children’s minds work. Ya gotta admit–The Kidling asks some pretty thought-provoking questions, Christine. I’m thinking that this little tome might be a good addition to The Mama’s home library: “Hmm…I Did Not Know That, 1,000 random & interesting facts on a variety of subjects,” by A.P. Holiday. 🙂

  2. I’m worried that when Sausage starts asking questions, I’ll just lie to him. “Well, honey, milk has to be cold so that it won’t go bad. So the farmers feed the cows lots and lots of ice every day, to make the milk cold. And that’s why.”

    • You won’t, because you don’t want Sausage to be an idiot. I admit that I am often a bit irritated when I don’t know the answers to her questions. Seriously? My four-year-old child has a more inquisitive mind than I do? The Mama needs to start being a bit more reflective. The Kidling is an example to us all.

  3. I think you are going to need toe shoes in order to continue the pas de deux with your wonderful girl. Her questions invite you to a magical, crazy dance that will undoubtedly continue to amaze and delight..

  4. It is exhausting at times. I am amazed (and not in a good way) at how many of the questions I used to know, but don’t anymore. And also how many of the questions I don’t even understand clearly enough to seek the answers.

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