Baby Kidling week, day 1

It is Baby Kidling week on the book of alice.

Why?! Because I’m your mother, that’s why!

Oh, sorry. I mean… um… let me back up. You see, The Mama got herself a fancy new job, so I decided to write a week of stories about a time when I had only an inkling how ridiculous my child would some day be. It might or might not be designed to ensure I don’t:

  1. Worry about what I am going to write, and then
  2. Rush to my trusty silly-log (aka notebook) for recent entries, before
  3. Noticing how low said silly-log is stocked with quotes, and
  4. Realize it is because she is at pre-school five days a week now, before finally
  5. Bursting into tears.

It is a good plan, isn’t it?

So let’s get this party started:

December 2009, 23 months old

I don’t, obviously, recall all of the details of this little encounter. What I do remember is this: it was winter in Iowa. We were heading outside. Almost two-year-old Alice Munchkin Kidling was not happy about being required to bundle up.

I persisted.

She protested.

With tears streaming down her Baby Kidling face, she vehemently declared, “Alice Kidling sad.”

That my child, at nearly two, was referring to herself in the third person using her full name ought have been an early indication of her precocity and self-aggrandization (I don’t care if that isn’t a word. Don’t you know it is my first day on a new job?! Back off, jerk).

But I remained clueless. We all know better now, no?

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

26 thoughts on “Baby Kidling week, day 1

        • Great news! My fingers are crossed for you.

          I should (probably not) tell you that I dreamed last night I ran into you in my fair town. We had been eating in the same booth at a restaurant (you first, then us) and you left behind something. A notebook? Phone? Whatever it was, I knew it was yours because it said “Boomie Bol” on it. I wondered how I was going to return it to you. Then I saw you, and you didn’t look like your gravatar. At all. It was so very odd.

          • Ha ha that is so neat. I have been told I look like so many random people. People see me and go oh this you lol. Would be nice to just meet like that. Funny we met a couple and their lovely daughter just yesterday at a restaurant lol.

  1. The Mama,
    Le Clown is 41 and still refers to his magnificent self in the third person. Alice is bound for greatness. And break a leg on your first week.
    Le Clown

  2. congrats on your first week at a new job! I can totally imagine the emotions that might go along with that and I think your plan is a good one…now go enjoy this new adventure! thanks for these baby kidling posts.

  3. I hope the extra pressure on Alice to be hilarious after preschool and on the weekends isn’t too much for her. Perhaps you could ask the preschool teacher to just jot down everything Alice says. Or ask Alice to use a hand held recorder and pretend it’s you. Better yet, teach her to read and write and then she can just take over the entire blog because you’ve got yourself a big, grownup job now!

  4. Fathead Kelly is amused…no I can’t pull it off like Alice Kidling. Oh well, not everyone can work precocity and self aggrandization as artfully as Alice (I can rock some made up words though, for the record).

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