hey, fatty

Sometimes, I love The Kidling in spite of her.

The Family went for a scorching, brutally hot lovely thirty minutes of torture run this morning. We have a nice paved trail that begins just a short distance from our home. It also happens to pass by two parks, so it is never much of a struggle to convince her to hop into the jogging stroller for a short jaunt.

Confidential to my procreating readers: bribery always works.

We typically run to the end of the trail and then turn around, stopping at a park on the way home. The trail ends with a very steep hill. It was while running back down the hill that The Kidling asked me, “how do you not slip on that hill when you are so big and heavy?”

It is a miracle, darling…

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26 thoughts on “hey, fatty

    • I am a heavy-hitter in the intellect department (please note that my voice is dripping with sarcasm).

      It is a good thing I am comfortable in my own skin, or this might have left me a bit shaken. It just made me giggle. The Dada laughed out loud.

      • I am convinced that Alice has developed a very sophisticated humor palate, and knows when she’s going to land one that’s riotously funny. Happily, this doesn’t negate the off-the-cuff comments that are spoken without thought, for they are priceless too…

  1. Bribing does totally work and it sounds like she was already building her defense to her future gravity discussion at dinner time. Great stuff.

    • Thanks, Simon. This actually happened the morning AFTER the gravity conversation. I don’t always post in order, and the “big and heavy” bit was too funny for me to wait until this week.

  2. I once told my mom, “I like the way your butt jiggles. I want a jiggly butt just like yours some day,” so now when one of my children make a less than flattering observation I know I’m getting karmic payback.

    • That is awesome. Alice has said similar things (I’m thinking of one in particular that isn’t acceptable on this blog. If this blog ever becomes a book, then it will be included…). She typically comments on how fat/heavy/big I am. Because I know very well that I am none of those things, it just makes me giggle.

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