culinary criticism

I love to cook. Less so for the process and more because I love food, love to eat, and don’t have the time—and let’s face it, the money—to dine out on a regular basis. As much as I love food and cooking, I am not particularly fond of those wretched restraints known as recipes. No, The Mama prefers to wing it. This can be a beautiful and brilliant thing, and it can also be downright disastrous. I would say the score is six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Imagine, then, my delight Saturday evening when my bizarre idea turned out to be delicious. A caprese-inspired risotto, but with brown and wild rices rather than arborio. I have no idea how it ended up being creamy, but it did. Suffice it to say, I was smug beyond belief at this bit of culinary voodoo.

Until Alice tasted it.

“It’s disgusting, Mom!”

She spat out the words. It was, quite clearly, an indictment of my horrid cooking (and my hubris). A micro-second later, she sensed my dejection and cheerily declared, “But still, thanks for the dinner!”

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29 thoughts on “culinary criticism

  1. It really sounds good…true, Alice’s indictment was not necessarily subtle, but that’s really a learned art that many never master (though of course she will ahead of the curve). Her recovery was pretty good – you have to give her credit for that! Yes you’re right – I find no wrong with your girl…:-)

    • The Dada liked it. He is always glad to try something new, really. I get in food ruts. He wasn’t as head-over-heels for it as I was, but I love love love food, and The Dada just doesn’t get excited about filling his belly.

  2. Alice might like these jamie Oliver inspired pancakes…..1 cup of self raising flour (contains leavening agent), 1 cup of milk, one egg, 1 grated unpeeled pear or apple (I’ve used applesauce), cook on a pan preheated with dab of butter and a splash of oil (I use veg or olive oil), flip when little bubbles appear on surface (few minutes)…very good.

    I add blueberries, banana slices, sprinkle of cinnamon etc…you could add berries, peaches etc) whatever you like before flipping…maybe Alice could help make some…

    • Alice does love to help make pancakes and waffles. She actually loves to help garden and cook, period. I thought that would help make her a more adventurous eater, but it hasn’t worked out that way yet. I am still holding out hope…


  3. I love this child!! Candid, yet complimentary. Assertive, yet appreciative. Gamey, yet giving. She will go far. :-). And I’m with you, Christine, that risotto sounds pretty darn tasty! I make a wild mushroom risotto that’s to die for, I’d I do say so myself. Let me know if you’d like the recipe…. 🙂

  4. Seriously. You must have my child. Or her long lost twin or something. Did you perchance also make your daughter a pathetic “flower” out of tissue paper for the top of her bike helmet for the Fourth of July parade? And if so, did she declare it, “garbage!”?

    • Okay, I figured it out. I am looking at your gravatar photo and noticing some serious similarities in our physical appearance. You and I must have been separated at birth. No?

      • There is only one way to tell. Did your hair become inexplicably frizzy around age 9?
        BTW, this very night my rice/lentil experiment (flavored with garam masala) was declared “Disgusting!” And then just a moment later she thanked me for the potato salad. I would say 85% of our dinners have that combination of rants and raves.

        • Hmmm, nope. My hair became inexplicably frizzy at 13. Awesome timing. Goodness knows there was nothing else going on with my body/hormones/emotions. I had to get bad hair, too. It lasted until 2005, when I discovered Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Conscious. Saved!

          • I’m going through all my unread comments, and found these! So sad I missed them! But so happy to be reading them now, because of your hair product recommendation! Hooray! I’ve been trying out Deva Curl and it’s not working for me. I went back to using KMS Curl Up but it’s not quite cutting it either, plus I have to go to a special store to get it. Will try B&B next!

        • Also, your lentils and rice had to be great if you used garam masala. Alice loves beans, but not so much lentils. I have no idea what the problem is with these kids…

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