the baby monitor, or how the baby monitors our conversation

Last weekend Alice was eating a snack at the kitchen table while The Mama and The Dada chatted away in the kitchen. About what? Who knows. The Mama doesn’t shy away from conversation, so I have a hard time keeping track of the substance of particular talks. Shoot me.

Whatever it was we were talking about, it involved some laughter and a bit of noise. At one point, I told The Dada, “Cut it out!” Apparently the oversized hooligans 15-feet away were causing Alice distress, because she demanded, “WHAT! What are you guys talking about?”

The Mama: Mom and Dad are just joking around, Alice.

Alice: Well. Don’t.

(The Dada cracks up out of Alice’s line of sight)

The Mama: We can’t joke?

Alice: Well… it… makes it hard for me to… concentrate on my sandwich.

(The Dada continues to crack up out of Alice’s line of sight)

The Mama: (shoots The Dada The Look) Why don’t you just eat your sandwich?

Alice: Because that’s how I always eat my sandwiches!

(The Dada is still cracking up out of Alice’s line of sight. Seriously? Jerk.)

The Mama: Okay, Alice. (voice dripping with sarcasm) Thanks for outlining the parameters of our conversation.

Alice: (brightly) You’re welcome!

Welcome to our life.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

17 thoughts on “the baby monitor, or how the baby monitors our conversation

  1. As i am reading this i am laughing and my twin girls came up and asked “what’s funny ? what’s funny mommmy? Gotta give Alice some big props, she is one smart and sharp darling lol

    • Indeed. I absolutely give The Kidling props if, by props, you mean child-worship. 😉

      I think I’ve also got to give YOU big props. Two at the same time is a serious handful, especially when they pay as close attention to what is happening around them as yours clearly do. I have a twin niece/nephew pair, and even a few hours with the little boogers is exhausting. Brava, Boomie! You win my whole-hearted admiration.

  2. Wait til Alice learns that she can still control conversation when she’s not there by putting an inverted empty glass up against the wall and eavesdropping!! Then you will get editorial on topics which will shock and awe!!! She’s well on her way…:-)

  3. That’s about the same reaction MM has when the husband and I speak in English. I love The Dada’s reaction though. Thankfully he was out of line of sight, although sometimes it can’t be helped laughing when they do things.

  4. I’m delighted to see that the lines of power are clearly demarcated. God help you as Alice’s vocabulary and powers of intuition grow. Me, I can’t wait for the screenplay! 🙂

    • The Mama’s audacity knows no bounds.

      Matt’s sentiment is a terrific illustration of why folks like me can pack on pounds: I get bored NOT chewing.

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