an education, courtesy of The Kidling

You might recall a certain significant question Alice asked me several weeks ago (if not, then you should really click on that hyperlink back there, as it is the funniest damn conversation The Kidling and I have ever had. And that is saying something).

I have recently learned that what I tell my kid does, in fact, resurface. With a vengeance.

When I dropped Alice off at daycare the other morning, her teachers told me a story. Apparently one day a few weeks ago, Alice was holding court in the corner, talking animatedly to her friends. They listened wide-eyed while she explained, “Do you know how I got here? From my mom’s vagina! She pushed real hard with all her vagina muscles. She didn’t even pee me out!”

I can only imagine the dinner-table conversations happening at households around our fair city THAT evening…

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21 thoughts on “an education, courtesy of The Kidling

      • Ohmagosh, that is too funny! I had a feeling we were on a similar wavelength–now I’m convinced of it! When I was a child I had a penchant for repeating every curse word that slipped from my mother’s lips in a moment of weakness–and never missed the chance to try out my newest vocabulary words of front of my grandparents. 🙂

        • Oh no! Your poor parents.

          I just **might** have said a certain word (that begins with the sixth letter of the alphabet and rhymes with duck) when I dropped a pricey locally-grown pork loin from the grill into the mulch last week. I am waiting for that one to bite me in the ass.

  1. I think she just forced some families to have ‘that conversation’ – she’s already guiding the narrative!! A brilliant child without a doubt – and a force to be reckoned with!! Go Alice!!

  2. “Didn’t even pee me out!” I’m trying to laugh quietly as my little one is still asleep a few feet away. 🙂 And yes, a few parents were definitely taken out of their comfort zones the other evening. I guess Alice doesn’t need a van at the age of 16 to make a few parents a bit uncomfortable with her association with their children. (Please don’t take that the wrong way. I think both Alice and you are wonderful.)

    • Oh, I wouldn’t take it the wrong way. I imagined specific parents I thought might be blindsided by the conversation. It gave me additional giggles beyond those Alice’s original story did. Thank goodness for my girl.


  3. I also had lots of educational tidbits for my friends at that age and I remember my mom having to tell me (after a friend’s parents, who were deeply religious, forbade me to see their daughter anymore) that some educational tidbits should be kept to myself.

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