pint-sized proboscis-picking party

Okay, I’ll bite. 

I saw on The Daily Post that the weekly photo challenge theme was friendship. I don’t do a lot of picture posting, so I typically don’t think much about these. This time, though, they posted a darling image of three happy boys and I thought about my girl. 

You might recall that The Kidling has a cousin named The Kidd-o who is her dearest friend. They have an intense love/be-mean-to-one-another relationship. They are too innocent to call it love/hate, but there is something somewhat sisterly about it all. Anyway, the girls get really worked up when they are together, and I remembered this hilarious episode from two years back that I was fortunate to catch on camera. 


Have I ever mentioned that The Kidling picks her nose? I have? Well, it ain’t a new thing. Nose-picking circa 2010.
Also, have you ever seen someone look so cute whilst doing something so gross? I most certainly have not.


Oh, friendship. What started as The Kidling digging around in her pint-sized proboscis lead to a proboscis-picking party. Pictured, from L to R, The Kidling and The Kidd-o.

And as you all know, where there is a booger, there is a snack. Note that The Kidd-o knows better. Her parents must feed her well.


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23 thoughts on “pint-sized proboscis-picking party

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  3. oh the nose picking! the kid-o now sometimes will go to the bathroom to pick, and fortunately she hasn’t really ate them…but she always looks cofused about what to do with booger after it is on her finger!

    • So bad, yet so good. Thanks for letting me include The Kidd-o in the wackiness that is the book of alice. The Kidling wouldn’t be who she is without her beloved friend.

      Oh, and Alice likes to hand the boogers to me. Awesome.


    • So do I. 😉 Believe it or not, there are many more where these three came from. Alice was picking her nose for a good minute before The Kidd-o joined in. This was followed by a lot of giggling and extended joint nose-picking. Then, of course, it was snack time.

  4. Christine!
    Best post of the week, hands down! That’s ridiculously funny!
    I am 2 years old, I swear! This is hilarious.
    Le Clown

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  6. Loved this AND numerous other posts of yours I’ve been reading. Your little one sounds an absolute scream (in more ways than one 😉 ). Great to come across your blog – thanks for a taking an interest in mine 🙂

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