on canine monikers

This weekend we were talking about… absolutely nothing that relates to Alice’s words that I will recount in this blog post. As such, I will not even try to put it in context.

Alice: Hey Dad, can I tell you something that’s yucky?

The Dada: Umm, okay?

Alice: Ella wanted to name her dog Poo Poo. That’s short for Poop. And I just… didn’t want to hear about it.

A few things, Alice:

First, we are not consulting Ella if we get a puppy. 

Second, Poo Poo is not short for Poop. It is long for Poop.

Third, why are we talking about this?

Fourth, what about our beautiful drive in the woods and our pleasant conversation made you think about this? Seriously.

Fifth and finally, The Mama and The Dada don’t want to hear about it either.

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16 thoughts on “on canine monikers

  1. At least she warned you it would be gross. Boys don’t do that. I just get the gross potty humor. He runs around yelling “caca pipi” for hours on end – it’s even worse when he decides to use less polite words. And no, it doesn’t sound less vulgar in French than it does in English. 😦

  2. We have two firm rules in our house about naming animals:
    (1) no common human names. It can make for some incredibly awkward conversations with people who don’t realize that “albert” is your dog and not your brother.
    (2) no common pet names either. One day I was working at the groomer and we had 3 Maxes, 2 Maggies, 2 Sophies and 4 Buddies. I had this exact conversation with an owner that day:
    Me: “Which dog is yours?”
    Owner: “Buddy”
    Me: “Which one?”
    Owner: “The bichon”
    Me: “Which one?”
    Owner: “Um. He had a blue collar?”
    Me: “Ok, just a minute.”

    I am now adding “no synonyms for feces” to our list.

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