those dastardly snuvs

The Munchkin Kidling family spends a lot of time in our garden. We bought a home a few years ago with a glorious flower garden, in which I:

  • Year One: reveled in its beauty
  • Year Two: freaked out at the amount of work and let the whole darned thing become overtaken by weeds
  • Year Three: worked my tail off to divide, weed, and mulch, divide, weed, and mulch…
  • Year Four (present): revel in its beauty whilst periodically dividing, weeding, and mulching.

Now that The Kidling is four, she helps out now and then. I solicit her help with planting vegetables, transplanting perennials, occasional weeding, and transporting worms to the safety of our vegetable garden. And, of course, disposal of those dastardly snuvs.

What is a snuv? Quite simply, a snuv is a grub. Also, one of the few words that it pains me to tell Alice the proper word for, as I genuinely prefer her neologism. Speaking of neologisms, I do believe ‘snuv’ belongs in The Dictionary. Don’t you agree?

Snuv: noun. Insect larva. Syn. Grub. Ant. Anything on earth deserving of mercy.

Gratuitous inclusion of one of my favorite photos ever: The Mama and The Kidling in the garden, circa 2009, back when her vocabulary included fewer than one billion words and she did not ask me questions to which I do not know the answer. Very nearly prehistory.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

11 thoughts on “those dastardly snuvs

    • Oh, I love this CCL! You are right! I actually think it came from a synapse misfire when The Kidling was connecting a grub and The Lorax (“Then he hides what you give him away in his snuv. That secret strange hole in his gruvulous glove”). But the Muppet bit is fab.

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