this stinks

The Kidling hates getting water in her eyes. As you might guess, this makes washing her hair quite the task. We give her a washcloth to hold over her eyes so I can dump water over her hair and protect those sweet little peepers. This act is typically met with appreciation, but last night I faced resistance. Why? Well, as I placed the washcloth over Alice’s eyes, she balked, complaining, “This smells like rotten pee! It is stinking my mind!”

Now, dear readers, let me provide you some reassurance. Shocked by Alice’s declaration, I risked harm to my nose and sniffed this washcloth. It did not smell like rotten anything, and it most certainly did not smell of rotten pee. Fret not.

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11 thoughts on “this stinks

  1. Miss Saarah has the exact same apprehension towards having her hair washed, and we use the same wash cloth solution.

    I also hate it when I pick up a wash cloth, hold it in front of my face, and discover that it smells like rotten pee.

  2. I suffered from the same condition growing up – and I hated the smell of wet washcloths!! I thought I was the only one who made hair washing an ordeal for my parents – ha! 🙂

    • An ordeal indeed! Grrrr.

      I’ve got to know, Mimi: what does a wet washcloth smell like? If we used unscented detergent and water is, well, unscented? I have no idea what she was talking about. I am personally disgusted by the smell of mildew, so if anything smelled of mildew, I would know it from 100 yards away. Hmm. The Kidling must have a super sniffer.

      • Honestly? I think I so hated holding the washcloth and the fear of getting the water in my eyes, made the whole experience just yucky, so all my senses were assailed. If it was mildew-y, I have no doubt that Alice would had even more descriptive words for you!!

  3. Dang. Alice is united an entire group of “water-in-the-eyes” haters. I, too, would like to join. Curious though…does rotten pee smell differently than just pee? I mean, in Alice’s vernacular, is pee simply rotten by being pee or can it go bad, like milk?

    • Didn’t she, though? I see a future organizer in Alice Munchkin Kidling. And I will ask Alice about the pee vs. rotten pee thing. I’ll get back to you after her nap.

  4. I know EXACTLY the scent she was describing. It is the smell of boiled Brussels sprouts. It has been stinking my mind for years. I recommend you switch to roasting your washcloth with some salt and olive oil. It’s much better that way.

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