competing breakfasts

I have been known to eat food. A lot of it. And I like it to be tasty and fragrant. This means, of course, that I like to stink up the house with my cooking. In the morning, I tend to want a savory breakfast, whereas The Kidling and The Dada prefer sweets: cereal, yogurt, muffins, and the like.

The other morning I made a super-delicious veggie omelette for breakfast: leeks, arugula, sweet peppers… just… yum. Alice didn’t think my beautiful omelette paired well with her cereal. In fact, she was pretty irritated with me, and complained, “Mom! That smell is overtasting my breakfast.”

As we know, whiny (but clever) Alice yields a new dictionary entry:

O-ver-tast-ing: adjective. That which overpowers or overcomes, particularly with regard to the olfactory sense.

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