bedtime shennanigans

The Kidling has been mining for excuses to get out of bed after she has been tucked in. The Mama and The Dada have a rule: emergencies only. Alice, of course, has been trying to get all of her little whims classified as “emergencies.” Monday night took the cake, though. Alice came ambling down the stairs to give me another hug, dramatically stating, “If I don’t give you this love then– I’ll never be happy again!”

Sounds like an emergency to me.

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10 thoughts on “bedtime shennanigans

    • Whoa. Last night Alice got out of bed because “my nails are too long and I am biting on them.” She does a lot of nail chewing, so I caved, but made her promise we would check BEFORE bed from now on.

      Is there some type of inter-brain excuse memo that gets circulated to these munchkins?

  1. My six-year old daughter is not a fan of sleeping by herself, and has taken to getting up in the middle of the night screaming–wailing–for cuddles. Even though I cuddle with her for a LONG TIME before she nods off, she kept saying she forgot. The timing of this came just right when we got the baby to start sleeping through the night. Perfect, right? I was finally starting to get a good night’s sleep!! I tried a bunch of things that didn’t work. Finally, I started drawing a heart on the palm of her hand with marker at the beginning of cuddle-time, so she can see the evidence that we cuddled when she wakes up later. And it’s working! We’ve cut down on three a.m. “emergencies” tremendously.

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