the super safe life of a superhero

Alice was recently telling me about a Batman book she read at daycare. Her description of the plot was fuzzy, as one might expect of a story recounted from the perspective of a four-year-old. There was conflict, then a person in distress, then…

Alice: Then he, um, saves the day, I think? In a battle. That’s how he saves the day: in a battle.

The Mama: Hopefully no one gets hurt, right? Hopefully he can save the day without anyone getting hurt?

Alice: Superheroes never get hurt.

Hmm. Never? I think I know which career goal to steer The Kidling toward.

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12 thoughts on “the super safe life of a superhero

    • Agreed! But she would most certainly debate your point:

      ‘But Mimi, I don’t battle. And I don’t have super powers. Or a cape. Actually, I do have a cape, but I’m not a superhero. Superheroes aren’t in real life.’

      Can’t you just imagine the argument?

  1. When I was (sadly, or maybe happily, I’m not sure), much older than Alice, I used to spin for hours in my driveway trying to morph into Wonder Woman. I still think Linda Carter rocks.

    • I know, Andrew. Where do they take applications? Seriously. Or maybe I could call for an informational interview? Get my foot in the door that way?

      My enthusiasm, of course, is contingent on having autonomy over my superhero costume. Under no circumstances would I wear shiny spandex. I think I might ask Diane von Furstenberg for some sketches. Or Valentino Garavani? Or, perhaps I could be a covert superhero and wear my own clothes? Or…

      There is far more to ponder than I had previously thought. I’ll have to reschedule that informational interview.

      Cheers, Andrew, and thanks for reading. I dare you to come back after getting this ridiculous response to your first comment!

    • Oh, Kathy, fun question! I might have to see what she thinks when I pick her up this afternoon. I’ll let you know if I get anything good.


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