character development

Whilst playing one recent day, Alice created a cast of characters for us to roleplay. My favorite (I should probably say least favorite)? “Christine No-No”

The Mama: Why is her name ‘Christine No-No?’

Alice: She’s just a character.  (long pause)  Because she says ‘no’ all the time.

Hmm. I think I’ve been called out.

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13 thoughts on “character development

  1. My hunch is that Alice is so smart she knew you would feel that she was calling you out, even though she wasn’t. Thus, guaranteeing that you would feel bad and say ‘yes’ more often…she’s onto you my friend!

  2. That is so passive-aggressive and calculating; Alice is either going to be President (my personal vote) or a serial killer. Okay, cereal killer. The Kashi out there needs killing. Seriously (pun fully intended), that was scarily brilliant on her part.

    • Oh friend, tell me about it. I also vote for president, but only if she lets us move in with her, as with Michelle’s mom. She’s already told me she always want to live in our house, so this should be an easy sell.

      But damn those tricksters at Kashi! What a load of crap.

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