just begging for the silent treatment

Oh, Alice.

The Kidling potty trained very easily. She still needs a pull-up at night, but hasn’t needed one at nap time for well over a year. That said, when she is really exhausted and napping soundly, accidents have been known to happen. Wednesday was one of those days. Alice woke up yelling, “help me!” When I got upstairs, she was soaked. Pee, pee, pee, pee, pee. Everywhere. Yuck. I helped her get into dry clothes, then I changed the sheets while Alice curled up in the rocking chair. She decided to finish her nap right there. She looked darned comfy (and cute. Have I mentioned that my kid is adorable?), so I had no objection.

When Alice eventually woke up, she told me, “I had two naps. When my first nap got wet, I switched to my other nap.”

Tee hee.

And yes, I know The Kidling will hate me for this one when she is 10, but sometimes I simply cannot help myself. Can someone please remind Future Me that the silent treatment I get is well-deserved?


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15 thoughts on “just begging for the silent treatment

  1. My boys are now all men, and have to endure my stories of when they were little. Your stories evoke much laughter, but also so many memories that are etched in my heart. She may hate this when she’s 10, but she’ll treasure it when she’s 20…:-)

      • Yeah they do – and I can’t tell you where the time has gone, how they got to be so big without asking me if I was ready nor how they turned out to be such incredibly wonderful people. But we all end up here – which is why I so enjoy the moments you capture and share…

        • This just warms my heart. Thanks, Mimi. I confess to relentless worry about the prospect of totally messing up this whole parenting thing. I worship the ground Alice walks on (you might have noticed), and so want to do right by her. Thanks for telling me about your wonderful kids. It is so beautiful (and terrifying) to imagine that day.

          Cheers, Mimi!

          • She has a rockin’ mom – and your love for her is so palpable. We all screw up along the way – it’s the price of humanity. But she is a lucky little girl and your inestimable love for her is going to be the foundation for the wonderful young woman she will one day be. But given that day is still a long way away – do what you’re doing – enjoying every minute!

  2. Just so you know, we are grandparents and yesterday we entertained each other with regaling each other with some of our favorite children stories of OMGosh—35 plus years ago–it made the long trip home so much more fun. Our children’s stories are precious–especially after they have long been gone from home—thanks for sharing your stories–Barb

    • Barb, thank you for this message. My heart is getting warmed over and over today! I know that I will still be telling Alice’s stories when I am old(er) and gray(er).


  3. Ha ha! Actually, by the time Alice is old enough to be giving you the silent treatment for this, you might be saying the same thing. I’m pretty sure my bladder went on strike a few years ago. You have this to look forward to…and naps. You’ll need naps, too.

  4. I wasn’t quite sure why you linked to my very different blog until I realized my last post covered the bed-wetting topic, albeit from an adult point of view and, I hope, with humor. But yours is very amusing too not to mention pretty darn cute.

    • I actually don’t just read blogs about kids. 😉 Hard to believe, but true. In fact, I only read a handful of other kid-related blogs. I get enough of that in my own home. I saw your post… where? Maybe whilst searching the topics tab? Or were you FPed? I don’t recall, but I loved your post.

      Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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