use that soapbox, mama

So, I just noticed the book of alice is the featured blog on the “parenthood” topic. Super. Just in case someone actually searches the “parenthood” topic while I’m there, I think I am going to update my post in light of yet another tragedy involving a young boy and an untimely death.

Over on The Huffington Post this morning, I saw this awful story. I live in Iowa, the state that brought you gay marriage back in 2009. There are approximately one million reasons I love this state, but this made me damned proud. In fact, I wept tears of joy that April morning in 2009 when the Iowa Supreme Court said, NO MORE.

What the Iowa Supreme Court could not do, however, was protect LGBTQ kids from the horrors to which their peers subject them. On Saturday, 14-year old Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. decided he had had enough, and he took his own life. This cannot happen.

If you are worried about someone, there are some damn good resources for kids struggling with bullying. I know there are more. Include them in the comments. For starters, there is:

The Trevor Project  provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ kids.

The It Gets Better Project is beautiful.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides information at

As well as the anti-bullying campaigns at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

And holy cow, talk to your kids. All of them: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, straight. Talk to them about how to treat other people. Model how to treat other people. And by all means, shop at Urban Outfitters. Seriously. I could care less who is kissing who. Love is good, dear readers. Love is good.

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13 thoughts on “use that soapbox, mama

  1. Thank you for your courage. I am grateful that it (so far) has not led to any replies attacking you or your views. (Posted by one proud teacher)

    • Thanks, John-Mark. I had already hit “publish” when it occurred to me that personal attacks were a possibility. Alas, when you become a parent, every child’s anguish becomes your child’s potential anguish. And that is heart-wrenching. It also makes the possibility of a few mean-spirited comments less important. I’ll still hope for none. (Posted by one grateful student)

    • Thanks, Kamellia. I have read posts about the post (the power of Facebook, no?), but never the actual post. Thanks for the link so I could actually read it, once and for all. A terrific post.

  2. Dan Savage is one of my favorite writers, and his It Gets Better Project is one of the most profound movements to save the lives of children I have ever seen. It’s hard for me to imagine (though I know it happens every second) someone attacking posts like this, especially a parent. Especially a parent. Nice post.

    • Isn’t it a stunning project? Every time I watch one, I am moved.

      And thank for your kind words. I am finding that, though many of my readers are parents, many are not. They do all, however, seem to be lovers (of humanity). I think lovers are least likely of all to attack such a post, no?

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