hello? it’s your conscience calling.

I introduced you this morning to The Kidling’s BFF (except when they are being wretched to one another), The Kidd-o. Well, the girls played together all day yesterday, and they were a hoot. Their truly brilliant utterings revolved around a call I had to take.

Most of you dear readers don’t know much about The Mama. I live a very strange, yet very normal life that looks exactly nothing like I might have imagined a few years ago. I take that back. It bears some resemblance to that life, but only in the cast of characters. For your purposes, know only that my time is divided in strange ways with me doing odd things resembling professional life (typically whilst wearing pajamas) that I might or might not be getting paid to do.

Back to block script (or whatever this is properly called). Sorry about that. Just wanted to provide some background…

The Kidling and The Kidd-o were just finishing up lunch when I told them that I would be on a conference call at 12:45. I politely informed them that they could not talk to me unless there was an emergency. Then I excused myself to use the toilet. I coined this pre-call/pre-class/pre-interview/pre-exam toilet trip the “preemptive pee” in law school.  I really don’t like to do my business while conducting my, well, business. Can you blame me?

Just then, Alice came running around the corner to ask, “Are you on your conscience call yet?” No dear, but I do wish it were as simple as a phone call.

Once I took the call, the girls were perfectly well-behaved until right before I was scheduled to finish up (when I would later learn that The Kidling had whacked The Kidd-o in the face. See above note regarding wretched behaviors). I held up five fingers to indicate to Alice that I needed five more minutes, then we could talk.

Alice obediently ran to tell The Kidd-o when I would be available, “She needs this many more minutes (holds up five fingers). She needs a whole hand. And I know she’s serious about it.”

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

4 thoughts on “hello? it’s your conscience calling.

  1. Oh you have to read them, “Bootsie Barker Bites” It is fantastic. We will say, “Don’t be a Bootsie!” Did you see the video I put on my FB page of Peter trying to keep a straight face and say is is an identical twin? I posted a few days ago I found it on my laptop and was rolling. I showed him the picture of Alice at the top of your page and he said she looks cool. Bahahaha!

    • No, I didn’t see the video. I’ll take a look. It sounds like a hoot. As for Peter, my guess is that Alice looks cool because she likes dinosaurs and dragons far more than she likes princesses. And he is right: she is pretty darned cool.


      • I need to send you this picture of Peter when he was Alice’s age. It cracked me up when I came across it. He had his first turn driving one of those cars on a track at an amusement park. At the end I went to take a picture and asked him, “What did you think of that?” His reply, “That was so not hard. Why does everyone act like driving is such a big deal.” His face says it all. I am going to make it my post today I think. Anyway, every time I read about Alice she reminds me of him. They are both pretty cool. 😉

        • I would love to see it. Peter seems like a doll. I can just imagine that conversation about driving.

          It is pretty fabulous to have a fun kid, isn’t it? Lucky us.

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