conflict resolution

The Kidling has a lovely cousin I shall call The Kidd-o. The Kidd-o was born a mere 10 days before The Kidling, and they positively adore one another… usually.

The Kidd-o’s mom (hereinafter Mama³) and I do kid-watching trades so we can accomplish our non-mom duties (that sentence was intended to utilize as many hyphens as possible. Not bad, eh?). Friday morning we did a switch-off. I watched The Kidd-o and her siblings, Twin 1 and Twin 2, in the morning and Mama³ watched them in the afternoon.


At some point while The Kidling and The Kidd-o were playing together (while I was at the spa with my mother. Sometimes I have to pinch myself my life is so damned charmed), they had a disagreement over how they were going to play a game. Alice told me about it on our drive home. Let’s be candid. Alice is an only kidling, so we have to talk about sharing, taking turns, and compromise. A lot. I asked her some questions about how they worked out their problem. The Kidling clearly thought she had done everything in her power to resolve their dispute amicably, to no avail: “That compromising didn’t work. Neither did frustration work. I tried everything I could think of!”

If getting ticked off is 50% of her conflict resolution strategy, then I think we need some new tools. Hmm. The Mama has work to do.

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

8 thoughts on “conflict resolution

  1. Christine,
    Again, I am being randomly not about your post.
    You said I was blogrolled, and my vanity insists that I validate your comment.
    And I can’t find a blogroll anywhere.
    Le Doubtful Clown

    • I feel your pain, Le Clown. As much as I love the “Chunk” theme, it insists on putting my blogroll at the very bottom of my page. Which I hate.

      Scroll down. Waaaaaay down. See it? There it is.

      The Honest Mama

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