food pairings

You know The Kidling has been especially prolific when the book of alice produces the rare mid-day post. It has been one of those weeks, and this one is just too good to save. So without further ado, I present a wee story.

The Kidling was munching on a dinosaur-sprinkled doughnut in the car this morning. I can be an indulgent Mama sometimes. There are worse things, you know. Alice gets pretty engrossed in her food, so all was silent. Suddenly, her sugar-induced reverie was interrupted by a thought:

Alice: This would taste good with boogers!

The Mama: That’s disgusting.

Alice: I love boogers! I know I do!

The Mama: Well, boogers will make you sick. (forgive me this little lie borne of desperation)

Alice: Oh. (long pause while she weighs the pros and cons) Will I die?

The Mama: (seriously considers saying yes, but decides against it) No, they’ll just upset your tummy.

Alice: (still weighing the balance of yum vs. illness) Or give me a headache?

The Mama: Probably not. They will just give you a tummy ache.

Alice: (silence)

I think the boogers won. Damn.

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10 thoughts on “food pairings

  1. Christine,
    Boogers will make you sick… There’s some truth in it.
    But you would know that if you would have watched the last episode of House.
    Le Clown

    • No, Le Clown, no House for The Mama. Isn’t it on one of those fancy cable channels?

      Nevermind, I just Googled it. Fox, huh? Not sure why I’ve never really watched it. Now, though, I will have to watch this last episode of which you speak. As if I don’t already have enough crap to get done. Thanks for nothing, Le Clown.

  2. Wait? Where do you get doughnuts sprinkled with dinosaur, considering they are extinct and all. 🙂
    Carter also loves to eat boogers. He enjoys his with a side of fingernails.

    • These are fantastic doughnuts from a tasty little doughnut shop in town. Sadly, for Alice, boogers are a delicacy. As are doughnuts. Alas, I think she is a budding hedonist, wanting to combine two of her favorite things.


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