The Kidling’s discerning eye

Alice came running into the kitchen on Sunday afternoon, rather worked up. She frantically told me that “There is something that is bad, but it’s not a spider. There is something big and bad and it looks like a big wet spot.”

Uh oh. This calls for an investigation. We went out to the living room and discovered that Annabelle, a sweet little old dog we are watching for vacationing family, had an accident. Poor girl. I guess our mattress-shopping expedition was a bit too long.

But Alice had more to say. It was clear she had put quite a bit of thought into discerning exactly what was on the floor in front of her:

“I saw a wet spot and I thought maybe Annie peed or puked.” (there’s that word again). “Then I thought it was pee because I didn’t see anything that looked like hot dogs. I thought maybe it was pee because I didn’t see anything that looked like rice or hot dogs.”


About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

10 thoughts on “The Kidling’s discerning eye

    • No, I think when her friend got sick at school a couple of weeks ago there must have been hot dogs for lunch that day. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

      Ha! Thanks! You should see one of the posts I have scheduled for later this week. I used the tag, “sucks to be you!”

    • Doesn’t she, though?! She is an avid builder/connector of things, so we have also thought perhaps an engineer. Who knows!

      Cheers! Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Awesome visual: “rice or hot dogs.” I am now a fan of Alice forever. She would get along with my boys fantastically and/or compete with them in an overrupting contest.

    • Ha! I love the visual image of three kiddo-s (is that the correct plural to kiddo?) having an over-rupting contest! Noisy fun abounds!

      And I was pretty disgusted by her choices. But it was just so funny that she had clearly done her own analysis before reporting the situation to me. I just hope she didn’t touch it.


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