why we watch public television

The Kidling loves television. Just like every other child I know. Unlike every other child; however, her parents are cheap (that’s c.h.e.a.p. cheap; not the regular type). This means you can count the number of channels we get on two hands. Really. In fact, you can count the number of good channels we get on three fingers. This, of course, means that you can count the number of channels that Alice gets to watch on one finger.

Not that finger.

When a child gets to watch just one channel, that channel is inevitably PBS. Or, as Alice says, “PPS Kids.”

I have always thought we watched it for the programming. I know I am not the only parent who loves (loves!) Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train. After this weekend, though, another benefit has emerged.

The Kidling, The Dada, and The Mama went mattress shopping this weekend. What does this have to do with PBS? Hold your horses. I’ll get to that. Since I am the lucky family member to have a seriously wacky back (my chiropractor calls it “artistic”), I had the honor of laying on all the beds while Alice and The Dada entertained themselves. Mattress shopping is not a quick endeavor. After six hours, we found ourselves at a store that sells Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Here, Alice and The Dada discovered a little area with a super-fancy, top-of-the-line, we-could-never-afford-it mattress and a television touting the benefits of the This Costs More Than Your Law School Loan Payment mattress.

I called Alice out to try out a few mattresses for herself. I didn’t get a straight answer on any of them, but my favorite response was, “This one is too hard. And too soft!”

So why are we sticking with PBS? When I told Alice she was finished trying out the (much cheaper) bed, she raced back to the corner with the fancy bed singing “Tem-puuuur-peeeee-diiiiic!” the whole way back. Then she told The Dada, “A bed should do more.” Yep. That’s their tag line. My kid is officially brainwashed.

This, dear readers, is why we watch public television. No commercials to mess with The Kidling’s perfectly wacky little head.

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5 thoughts on “why we watch public television

  1. My kids also watch predominantly PBS(They’ve recently started calling it “The Network”), because, they are also far too easily brainwashed for my liking. I will confess that they do get to watch Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings(it’s secretly so that I have an excuse to watch it. Actually, it’s no secret. For a while they referred to it as “the one that Tatte likes”), and so they’re exposed to commercials. There was one for something called an “Eggie”, which is a plastic case to cook your eggs in, so that you shouldn’t have to suffer the torture of peeling the shell yourself. Tevye wont shut up about the damn thing, demanding that we be the proud owners of a set of Eggies.

    Long story short, or, well, still long I suppose(there was nothing short about my response. Sorry about that), I hear ya!

    • Kids are soooo easily brainwashed. It is horrifying. Alice has only eaten at McDonald’s a handful of times, but she yells “McDonald’s!” (or “Old McDonald’s!” or “Donald Duck’s!”) whenever she sees the golden arches. Sunuva…

      • We’ve also only gone to McDonald’s a few times. Actually, we’ve only gone inside once, and while we tried desperately not to mention the name, I slipped up(I tried to grab the utterance, as it spilled from my mouth and put it back in. Of course this didn’t work), and of course my elephant of a son remembered. Funny, that was one of the options that I was going to write about today. Perhaps that will be tomorrow’s post.

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