the perfect thank you note

We (finally) finished the thank you notes from Alice’s birthday recently. Don’t judge. It ain’t easy to get a four-year-old to dictate her gratitude for a gift while I scramble to transcribe the words tumbling from her mouth before she declares, “I’m done! You decide what to say!”

I typically use a fine-tipped Sharpie to write notes, as they write on everything: thick cotton papers, photos, glossy metallic finishes… everything. My favorite note from the pack was this one:

Dear Owen and Mabel,

I love that shirt so much. So thank you. I love you really much. So thank you for the Alicesaurus tee-shirt.


Alice decided this and Mommy wrote with a stinky pencil. 

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7 thoughts on “the perfect thank you note

  1. Oh those stinky pencils!

    We have the same issue when they’re talking on the phone, and just randomly deciding that they’re now finished talking. We’re trying to get them to actually say “bye” instead of “I’m done” and hand the phone back.

    I’m sure the recipients of those thank you notes are very appreciative.

    • What a hoot. Alice says, “I’m done” too. Sometimes she ends thank you notes that way as well. The first time I had her dictate a note to me, I was hooked. It takes us forever to do it (her birthday was two months ago), but I think Peggy Post would agree that it is worth the wait.


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