guest blogger!

I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would The Mama need a guest blogger for her three-second-long blog posts!?! Well, dear reader, because I was thinking about the way Alice says the word “prefer” and remembered this little ditty from September. Too funny to waste, I think.

Today’s post is (actually an old Facebook status update) from my dear friend Rachel. Rachel, Alice, and I had a long lunch date one gorgeous day this fall. Eventually the time came for Rachel to stop pretending she was a quasi-stay-at-home mom whose only “schedule” on that particular day involved ensuring The Kidling didn’t turn into a monster (i.e. made it home in time for a nap) and get back to work. Rough life. I know.

When Rachel—aka Alice’s answer to the question, “who is you favorite person you aren’t related to?”—broke the news to The Kidling, Alice was understandably disappointed. Her effort to convince Rachel to stay included this ever-so-persuasive scene:

“‘Can you jus pwease tok to yo boss and my daddy’s boss and say, ‘Well, I wud pwefeh to stay heoh and pway and eat ice cweam wather than go back to wuhk.'” * Complete with furrowed brow, rapidly nodding head, one hand on hip, one hand gesturing with palm up, and an “uh huh” as punctuation.

Sadly, Rachel is an attorney, and she can be very difficult to persuade. Okay, this isn’t technically true. She will do damn-near anything Alice asks her to do. That does not, however, include neglecting her clients so that she can eat ice cream at the playground. So very sad.

* Translation: “Can you just please talk to your boss and my daddy’s boss and say, ‘Well, I would prefer to stay here and play and eat ice cream rather than go back to work.'”

About The Mamahttp://kidlingville.comProfessional talker, editor, emailer, problem solver, adjunct lecturer, blogger, and mother to the brilliantly absurd Kidling.

5 thoughts on “guest blogger!

    • I know. You should hear her talk, Cristy. Seriously. Everything out of her mouth is approximately one gajillion times cuter due to the fact that 1) she has a husky little contralto voice, and 2) she has quirky pronunciation for a lot of words. Pretty darned cute. I will be selfishly sad when she begins to say everything clearly…

      And no, we don’t usually talk to her about a word’s definition. She just picks up the words we say. Words that dot many of her sentences include: indeed, obviously, eventually, perhaps, prefer, basically… trust that it is painfully cute to hear in person. Painful.

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