the beauty of taking turns

It was a typical Thursday afternoon. I picked Alice up from preschool and asked about her day. While my questions are usually greeted with such responses as, “I don’t know,” “I don’t remember,” and “We played,” I got an actual story from The Kidling on this day.

The Mama: How was your day?

Alice: Sage threw up.* Someone else threw up first, and then it was Sage’s turn. And guess what?! Caden stepped in the puke!

The Mama: He did?

Alice: Yeah. Just for fun. Caden stepped in the puke just for fun.


Please note that Caden’s mom is a lovely human being who would not think it was fun that he stepped in puke. Particularly not if said stepping was purposeful. Also, how did my kid learn the word puke? Seriously!?

* The Kidling’s friends’ names are changed. Just because I think the whole world needs to know what my kid is up to doesn’t mean I think the same is true of her buddies. Obviously.

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8 thoughts on “the beauty of taking turns

  1. That was a beautiful story.

    It’s equally difficult to get any real information of of my children. Even if I walk in the room and ask them what they’re up to, I’ll usually get “We’re just playing”, which is either preceded or followed by an exasperated sigh.

    If I’m inquisitive enough, and pester them with questions, I can usually get something more informative.

  2. Mine are always excited to tell “puke” stories when they get home. I have one from just a couple weeks ago I may share soon. I almost had to call a truancy officer on Peter as he refused to go back and catch a stomach bug that was going around! He asked, “Have YOU ever seen someone throw up an ice cream sundae? Well I have and he didn’t even chew the cherry! I am not catching that!”

    • This was the first time I’ve heard her say “puke,” so it was hilarious from that perspective as well. And it sounds as though your Peter is a wise boy. Cheers to good parenting!

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