name that asana

Have you ever noticed just how literally kids take some things? Alice is extraordinarily creative about so many things, but ask her what her toy dalmatian’s name is, and she’ll tell you, “Dalmatian.” Similarly, her toy pig: “Piggie.” Her giraffe? You guessed it. “Giraffe.” And her tiny toy dog? “Little Puppy.” We could do this all day long. For every single one of her little buddies.

Well, the Kidling and I were doing some yoga the other day when Alice asked, “What is this called?”

The Mama: High plank.

Alice: I think it should be called seal. Because it looks like a seal.

Indeed it does. Also, I think I might need to try a bit of this every day. See what she comes up with, no?

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11 thoughts on “name that asana

  1. You could put together an entire Yoga-for-Kids program, and get Alice to come up with all the names. I bet it would take off. I know that there are yoga programs geared towards children, but I don’t know if they have top drawer names like “seal”.

    It could be huge!

        • Okay, but I’ll hold you to it if I am ever wacky enough to try it. If you have the book, you should try it next time Tevye and Saarah ask for it. It is so natural, it is almost as though it was meant to be rapped. Seriously. Especially the parts immediately proceeding and following the “boom boom boom, Mr. Brown is a wonder” part. Too much fun.

          • I promise, from the deep recesses of my heart, that I will buy it.

            They don’t own the book, but I was planning on taking them to the library tomorrow, so we’ll look for it there. I’m quite excited.

            Now, when you say rap, do you mean the current stuff that’s being played, or more of an “early to mid ’90s, often imitated by middle-aged white guys” style?

            As may be obvious, I’m not really up on my rap music.

              • We managed to get to the library yesterday, and we read it. It was decidedly written to be rapped. I laughed my bum off the entire time I was reading it to the kids.

                Again, you should most definitely sell it as an audio book.

  2. I have a Peter that is cut from the same cloth as Alice! He is seven though so you are totally in this for the long haul. Ha ha! He woke yesterday and was chuckling to himself and when I asked him what he had to chuckle about that early he told me he dreamt he had tasered the Tooth Fairy. BTW, his best friend is a stack of identical bunnies he keeps buying when he has money that are identical to the one his brothers brought him on the day he was born. He has named them “Bunny”, “New Bunny”, “New New Bunny”… I am brand new to this and mine will too be all about things that make me smile.

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