my 4-year-old decor critic

We drove by a home this weekend with the ubiquitous pink plastic flamingo in the front yard. You know the one. Alice was, understandably, quite surprised by this.

Alice:  Why is the flamingo in the yard?

The Mama: I don’t know, Alice. Mom thinks they don’t belong in front yards.*

Alice: Yeah. Because yards don’t have ponds, and flamingos go in ponds. We know the truth about that. I think we know the truth about that.

We also, dear child, know the truth. Pink flamingos are soooooooo bad. Bad. b.a.d. Bad.**

* Don’t hate me if you love the pink flamingo in your front yard. I’m sure it is perfectly ironic. Or precisely kitsch. Or that it just works in your yard.

** Um, really. Don’t hate me if you love the pink flamingo in your front yard.

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5 thoughts on “my 4-year-old decor critic

  1. I remember being rather perplexed by a yard covered in horrid pink flamingos on the way to school one day. I asked my mum my they had suddenly appeared(they hadn’t been there the day prior), and she explained that it must be someone’s birthday.

    Ah, well then it all makes sense then, doesn’t it. My favourite part was that she just left it at that. No further explanation, whatsoever.

    It’s a darn good thing that you and Alice know the truth, a darn good thing, indeed.

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